The clients (Main Contractors) of OOO «Fundex-SPb» are the leading investment construction companies of St.Petersburg as follows: 

  • ZAO «Concern Gradstroyconsulting»;  

  • ZAO «Stroymontage»;  

  • ZAO «LenSpetsSMU»;  

  • ZAO «ISK «Fenix»;  

  • ZAO «BSK Spb»;  

  • Company group «LEK»;  

  • Corporation «S»;  

  • GU CB RF in SPb.  

OOO «Fundex-SPb» successes in cooperation with foreign companies:

  • Skanska East Europe Oy;  

  • Honkavaaren Maastorakkenus; 

  • BOVIS Lend Lease;  

  • VINCI Construction GRAND PROJETS;

  • ZAO «Reneissans Construction»;  

  • Hohtief AG.  

 OOO «Fundex-SPb» worked with such big Contractors as: 

  • ZAO «UNISTO»;  

  • ZAO «Compact»; 

  • ZAO «Firma «Petrotrest»;  

  • OOO «BSK PGS»;  

  • OAO «Monolitstroy»; 

  • OOO «Times nedvizhimost»;  

  • ZAO «Lenstroytrest No.5»;  

  • OAO «Peterburgrekonstrukcia»;  

  • ZAO «PO «Vozrozhdenie»;  

  • OOO «PSF «Kitezhstroy»; 

  • OOO «IK Stroitelnye resursy»;  

  • ZAO «EvroMonolit»;  

  • ZAO «UNR-47»;  

  • OOO «Neva-Resource»;  

  • ZAO «SK ‘Irbis»;  

  • ZAO «Dalpiterstroy»;

  • ZAO «Terra-Nova»;

  • ZAO «Rikal»;

  • ZAO «BaltStroy».  

Many buildings making modern image of St.Petersburg are constructed on piles produced by

OOO «Fundex-SPb»:


-          Building of General Consulate of Finland in Preobrazhenskaya square;

-          Bank complex in 68, Fontanka river embankment;

-          Ladozhsky railway station;

-          Trade-entertainment complexes:

·         «Neptun Planet» in Marata street;

·         «Zanevsky kaskad» in the square nearby Ladozhsky railway station;

·         «Raduga» in Kosmonavtov prospect;

-          Jewish Community house in Bolshaya Raznochinnaya street;

-          Office center in Yablochkova street;

-          Housing complexes up to 75 m high in various districts of the city;

-          Silo building of «Baltica» beer factory in «Parnas» zone;

-          Overpass piers of ring road in SPb nearby Shushary village;

-        Stadium «Zenit»;

-        Passenger port «Sea front»;

-        South part of tunnel «The Dam».


New Piling technologies confidently conquer our city.