Useful information

Special rigs used in FUNDEX, TUBEX and VIBREX technologies can produce not only vertical but also inclined piles with the rake 4:1 forward and 3:1 backwards from the position of the machine stand.


  • OOO «Fundex-SPb» has a license D 532223, registration no. GS-2-781-02-27-0-7814122635-006965-1, which allows the construction of buildings and structures of I and II responsibility levels according to state standard. License is issued as per order No.39/5 of Federal Agency of Building and Housing /Communal Services dated 25th October 2004.
    Area of license action: territory of Russian Federation.
  • Management and staff of engineering technical employees is comprised of different years graduates of Hydro technical faculty of Leningrad Polytechnical Institute named after M.I.Kalinin (nowadays St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University) and faculty «Bridges and tunnels» of Leningrad Institute of Railway Transport (nowadays St.Petersburg State University of Railways). They acquired big practical experience in the sphere of foundations construction, hydro technical and building works arrangement.
  • The work of OOO «Fundex-SPb» is remarkable due to exclusive honesty and high quality, based on constant contacts with foreign partners-authors of the used technologies and regular trainings of the leading employees and specialists.
  • Exactly perfect quality and high speed of work allowed to gain recognition of professionals of Nothern Capital and take one of the leading places in building complex of St.Petersburg.