Good afternoon!

Welcome to the web site of OOO «Fundex-SPb» Construction company (St.Petersburg. The company was founded by legal Royal Netherlands Joint-Stock based Company Funderingstechnieken Verstraeten B.V. and by legal Latvian Republic Joint-Stock A/S BMGS Company on November 1, 2001. It was registered by Registration Board of St.Petersburg, decision No.162885 dated the 5th October 2001 as independent and legal company.

The company is specialized in application of high piling technologies peculiarly in ground foundations of construction sites in difficult (weak) geological conditions in Russia, exactly in St.Petersburg.

We are promoting not only unique technologies in Russia, but also method ideology of sparing for environment modern constructive production.

For example, before 2001 the building complex of St.Petersburg was not acquainted with Fundex piling technology, though it was widely applied more than 40 years in the world in weak ground foundations typical for the territory of our Northern Capital. Vibrex piling technology is using more and more in the thick soils. The total experience of the introduction of HI-TECH producing and high technical equipment of the company is permiting to solve the problems of the arrangement of ground foundations of great building complexes in short time constraints.

Mobility, persistence, rational arrangements, high quality and good speed in work, flexible policy of prices  – these are the main components of our firm which allowed to win recognition of professionals and acquire one of the leading places in construction market of St.Petersburg.

The special assesment of working conditions in the company is carried out on July 1, 2015