TUBEX piles

Differences of TUBEX piles are:

  1. TUBEX piles consist of a steel thin-wall tube remained in the soil foundation and a steel screw point welded to the lower part of the tube.
  2. To make piles they use special low-dimensioned rigs, which allows to work in basement and other rooms 2 m and over high, as well as under bridge crossings, in tunnels and similar cases. The necessary pile length is formed by consistent building-up of the pile pilot part with the help of  joining welding by sections 1,5 m long or whatever headroom allows.
  3. Usually used: piles with cross dimensions (external shaft diameter/point diameter,mm): 220/300, 324/450, 406/560, 457/670.
  4. It’s possible to use TUBEX piles in more dense soil foundations and penetrate through old brick stacking.
  5. This is one of the most effective methods of strengthening and reconstruction of the foundations of the existing old buildings and structures.
  6. Application of TUBEX injected piles with concrete widening (extension) in the lower part of the pile that is of extra bearing capacity.
  7. Efficiency up to 30 piles per day (depending on length, diameter and soil conditions).

The technique of TUBEX piles production is the following:

The steel screw point is welded to the starting section of the steel tube forming together with it the pilot pile part.

The pilot pile part is immersed into the soil foundation due to simultaneous pressing and screwing. In order to form the pile of a certain length the pilot pile part is consistently built-up by welding the tube sections one- to- one. The foundation soil is moved apart equally in radial directions, compressed all over the depth and increasing the bearing capacity of the pile in the soil.

After the bottom penetration of the pile heel to the project given mark, the reinforcing cage is hung in the upper part of the cavity and then the cavity is filled with the plastic concrete.

The difference of the TUBEX injected piles is that during submergence of the tube, water-cement mixture is put through the special pipe inside the tube and coming out to external hole in the point. This mixture, first, is greasing the external surface of the tube and surrounding soil, which makes easier the passing through it, and, second, is forming the widening lower part of the pile of a certain height.

Advantages of TUBEX piles:

  1. Can be used in rather dense soil foundations and spaces limited from above in height.
  2. Extra bearing capacity in soil.
  3. High efficiency.
  4. Extra corrosion attack resistance in aggressive surroundings. 
  5. Effective way of strengthening and reconstruction of worn out basements of existing buildings and structures.

TUBEX piles, in spite of their higher price, like FUNDEX piles, are widely used abroad, especially in construction of transport structures and plant external pipelines.

Unfortunately, in Russia this type of piles is not demanded yet.