Vibrex piles

VIBREX piles in contrast to FUNDEX piles are used in more thick soils in those cases when it is allowed to use percussive method of making piles in building sites.

Modern highly productive rigs equipped with diesel hammers and special vibrators with ring-type borders of the casing are used for pile making. Diesel hammers (DINMARK, Germany) D12, D22, D30 and D36 are used depending on the dense degree of the soil foundations.

Max length of the pile is 30.0 meters. Diameters of the pile shaft are from 370 mm up to 640 mm.

The technique of pile making is the following.

In a certain mark of the soil surface of the pile foundation a flat round steel losing point with a ring type border, to which inventory casing standing on the rig is joined applicable with elastic sealing gaskets, is put. With the help of diesel hammer closed from the bottom casing is immersed to the certain by project depth or up to getting «rejection». (The calculation of rejection is made for each object separately depending on soils characteristics and using diesel hammer.)

The reinforcing cage is hang up into the dry tube cavity on necessary level. Centering of reinforcing cage in the tube is made by holders on outside diameter of the cage. Then the cavity is filled with a plastic concrete characterized according to the project. Then the casing is extracted from the massive of the soil foundation by means of the special state vibrator in the definite regimes on different levels , the influence of which allows to form a pile shaft of good quality.

If necessary Super Vibrex piles of extra bearing capacity come from widening of the pile heel can be made.

In order to form the widening of the pile heel the casing after its submergence to project given mark is extracted just 2 m high, then it’s refilled with the concrete up to project given mark, and after that is finally extracted.

Advantages of VIBREX piles:

  1. No use of prefabricated piles.
  2. High bearing capacity up to 500 tons.
  3. High production efficiency – up to 20 piles per day.
  4. No use of soil extraction and taking it away.
  5. Inclined pile production.
  6. Permit to easy fulfilling of pilling in case of essential changes of deposit depth of supporting layer.
  7. High exactness of producing piles in planing position.

Widely used abroad VIBREX piles are not yet popular in Russia, particularly in SPb, in spite of its evident advantages.